Anime Roundup – 6-21-17 – Attack on Titan Season 2 Review

Something about reaching the end of an anime when I was expecting more makes me very emotional. Doubly so when it’s one of my favorite series. Triply so when I just came off a 4-year wait for Season 2. Attack on Titan finds ways to set itself apart from other anime in its genre. The way it handles death, morality, conspiracies and other mysteries continually engage me in a special way no other anime had at that point in 2013 when it first aired. You know an anime is great when you never once skipped it’s OP and ED because they were that good. Finally, Season 2 was confirmed and began airing on April 1st, 2017. I could finally find out why a god damn titan was just chilling inside the Wall.

Well, maybe we’ll find out a definite answer to that NEXT YEAR. Before I could start even mourning the loss of Attack on Titan once again, in a surprise announcement Season 3 has been announced officially AND will be two entire cours. Let me be the first to say, I’m hype as fuck! However, back to the review at hand, episode #37 aired last Saturday and I can say with all certainty, Season 2 was well worth the wait.


Season one started off with a bang and kept the adrenaline pumping throughout its tenure. What Season Two did better was play off the more mysterious and horror elements of the show. Do you remember the first episode when the Colossal Titan popped out of nowhere and kickstarted the titan’s invasion on humanity’s stronghold? Imagine the feeling of dread knowing the horror of the situation with friends and family being eaten in front of you and not knowing what to do going forward. This is what Season Two did well. It emphasized that humanity’s desperate struggle for survival will not come easily. The more questions we answered, the more questions popped up and this exhilarated me. It emphasized that no matter how hard you fight, how hard you resist, death will eventually come for us all.


Let’s talk about the big reveals this season. I’m an anime only watcher and I’ve never once suspected our big bro Reiner to be a traitor. Maybe I’m being blind and am sounding tone deaf but really, I never caught on. The reveal was so nonchalant and just thrown out there that my facial expression mirrored Mikasa’s ghastly glare at Reiner and Berthold when they just blurted it out.

Did I just hear that? No for real, did we just see that?

The fact that Reiner and Berthold were the catalysts that kicked off the titan’s invasion was a tough pill to swallow. It, however, made so many things make so much more sense. Many things Reiner, Annie and Berthold said during Season 1 while at face value meant nothing at all, now takes on an entirely different light. When they inquired and looked on at who the new Titan shifter was it could’ve been easily taken as the same stance the other scouts did but at that time we didn’t know it’s for their own purpose. With that aside, I can say with confidence that maybe Marco also had the ability to Titan shift because, before his death, Marco was closely knit to the Annie, Reiner and Berthold group.

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Ymir’s a titan shifter too but I’m not 100% sold on her character yet. She’s very indecisive and contradicts herself a lot but I suppose Ymir herself would tell you that. That’s all I can say on her. At least she didn’t die, right?tumblr_orvnygggWc1sb5ftro1_500

Christa or should I say Historia is an interesting one. She went from shy bi-curious(?) blonde to something much more important over the course of the season. It was revealed that she’s very important to the plot of the series and that Christa isn’t even her real name. Once Ymir transformed, Christa became a lot more open and as we could see in the final two episodes she’s become much braver than before. This opens yet another question we have to wonder.

Just how many factions are there in this entire conflict? So far I got:

  • Humanity
  • The Church
  • The Titan Shifters and their homeland (Annie, Reiner, Berthold)
  • Ymir (Can’t figure out where to place her yet)
  • and.. this bad boy:


When this guy arrived on the scene, he came with one of the most chilling scenes in the anime’s history. You can tell he was something special, possibly a titan shifter and not just an abnormal Titan. Capable of speech, he interrogated a scout and was seemingly unfamiliar with the 3D Maneuver Gear. The next time we see him, titans popped up when there is no hole in the wall to be seen. The revelation came afterward that it’s possible that humans can be turned into titans. Just who is this guy? Hopefully, Season 3 can answer. We all saw those last few seconds of episode 37.

Many times during the course of Attack on Titan, both I and its characters felt the situation was hopeless and they were all going to die within seconds of a Titan’s thunderous footsteps approach your shaken body. In the Season Finale, Eren sat face first with the very same titan who ate his mother 37 episodes ago and it was going to do the same to him while he sat powerlessly. Mikasa is usually level-headed, ready to cut a motherfucker for her man Eren and generally being a badass, one of my favorite characters really. When Mikasa herself must’ve realized it’s over and began what looked like a confession, man I almost shed a thug tear. It’s just too bad Eren is much too tramautized and doesn’t see Mikasa that way (yet).

 “Goddamn it Eren, kiss her already!”

The smiling titan almost got them too not if Hannes had to say anything about it though. Long story short, my nigga Hannes bit the bullet but he went out like a real bro. He was the real hero of the season finale because he bought enough time for Eren to unlock yet another ability in his repertoire. tumblr_orp5ih7UFL1tlrxobo1_r2_500

I often use the phrase hype as fuck, if I had to use one gif to demonstrate this, it is this one. You know it, We know it, Most of us got off of our seats when this happened. It’s these moments I live for in Attack on Titan. I couldn’t ask for a more adrenaline pumping, pulsating finale to these past 12 episodes. Eren seemingly has the ability to control the titans. This adds yet another layer to Eren’s importance both to Humanity and the enemy.  Season 2 ends with a bittersweet note, Ymir stays with Reiner and Berthold, Eren tells Mikasa he’ll always be there for her, our boy Hannes is gone but Humanity moves forward just one step closer to the truth.

Season 3 begins in 2018 and I have just one request: “Please give us more Levi!”




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