Monster Hunter: World first live gameplay shown off by Capcom

Capcom is currently livestreaming an event to debut the gameplay and other details about Monster Hunter World. It’s entirely in Japanese so everything from this point forward, is all I can get from the gameplay shown.

Overall Details

  • PS4 Gameplay shown
  • Solo gameplay demo

Map Design

  • The map is noticeably large.
  • At the same time, the minimap looks similar to recent open world games. (I’ll miss the colorful zones lol)
  • Zones are still numbered.
  • It isn’t open world as some noted before, the map/play area is just huge and very varied.
  • There’s a cool animation to enlarge your map.


  • Larger monsters just go about their business feeding on prey and will by and large ignore the hunter.
  • Gathering is quick, no more standing in place for centuries.
  • Scout flies leads you directly to a large monster AFTER tracking and gathering snot etc to level up your flies .
  • Being able to heal while running is a much needed change.
  • You can change location on the monster if you mount them.
  • The hitboxes on large monsters are greatly improved.
  • Other large monsters can interfere with your fight. (and get rekt lol)
  • The silly run animation is still in, thankfully.
  • The monster can chase you across zones without rest.
  • The hunter fired off a flare, I’m assuming it can be used to alert others of the monster’s location.
  • 3 other hunters joined the hunt soon after the flare was shot off.
  • The damage numbers isn’t as intrusive as I thought it would’ve been. In fact I quite like them. Will keep them on.
  • Fast travel to base camp is basically instant.
  • Felyne are still in and can still be customized heavily.


  • Visually, the game looks amazing.
  • I can’t tell so far if there are frame drops
  • Lots of flora and fauna, it makes the world seem much more alive than previously possible



  • The weapons shown off were the Hammer, the Gunlance, the Greatsword and Long Sword.
  • You can mount either the head or move about the body to attack the monster.
  • The Great Sword can be charged while mounted for “maximum damage”
  • Bow gameplay looks significantly better
  • The Hammer has a new attack, (charge jump and rotate rapidly, It’s pretty rad looking)
  • The new Heavy Bowgun “gatling gun” special attack looks as awesome as in the Trailer
  • The Long Sword has a new attack where he jumps and slashes down, also pretty rad.
  • It could be for demo purposes but this Anjanath has lots of health.


After the Hunt

  • The hunt is over and the hunters all carve away.
  • A familiar “QUEST OVER” screen shows up and you’re taken to the quest rewards screen.
  • I was worried but the gameplay look is very much still, Monster Hunter


I’ll update if they show more as the livestream goes on.

Edit: It’s concluded as of 7:38 AM.


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