Anime Roundup – 6-20-17 – DB Super #95

Every Saturday, most of my current favorite anime airs and Anime Roundup is where I’ll give my thoughts on and review the episode. You already saw me gush about Attack on Titan, Dragonball Super and My Hero Academia is also a weekly must watch for me. As of now, I’m not watching anything else in the current season but that could change for the Summer Season.

Episode #95


Let’s be real, Dragonball Super did not look exactly stellar when it first began airing so much so I largely ignored it. Retreading the recent movies put me off even more. I’d be a damn liar if I told you the latest episode did not look like the best it’s ever been! Especially in the last 5 minutes of the episode, Frieza and Goku’s short face-off was hype as fuck and the great animation made it even better.


Frieza has returned and is back to his evil ways. Leave it to Goku to be a dumb ass and leave his guard down around the guy who’s made it his entire life goal to kill him. It’s a good thing too because we wouldn’t have been able to see Frieza in all his evil glory.

It’s interesting to see the result of merely mental training on Frieza. You could tell Goku was shook after seeing Frieza’s control over his power. I don’t know if Goku has any new transformations in his pocket but dude has got to watch his back from now on.

Frieza introduces a dynamic element to this arc, the announcement that Frieza would be joining the Universe 7 team was a legitimate surprise and will go down as one of the worst (and best) ideas that Goku has ever had. This episode alone proved it but I ain’t gonna lie and act like Frieza didn’t make this interesting. I love how Frieza remains to the biggest and most heinous irredeemable asshole. I was scared that Toei would’ve softened him up to transform him into some sort of reformed Vegeta 2.0 and typing that now sounds god awful. Frieza represents some much-needed tension for the other Universe 7 fighters in the team.TIPErF4

I’ll reserve my other thoughts for Saturday’s episode but one thing’s for sure, next episode will probably amazing. We’ve been prepping and getting teased for the Universe Survival Tournament arc for months and it’s finally here. Hopefully, we’ll get a few more gorgeous episodes like this one. I see this arc as pure fanservice, the chance for some of the lesser Dragonball Fighters to shine, the chance for Gohan to retake his seat on the throne, the chance for Vegeta to not job and the chance for Krillin to put up a fight for once. The hype is through the roof and the tournament is finally here. My only question is will it pay off?



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