Road to E3: EA

The most wonderful time of the year for gamers is here in a couple of days. The Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 kicks off on June 10th to 12th with EA’s Play 2017 presentation. E3 officially runs from June 13th to June 15th though. For the first time ever, E3 is opening to the general public so if you’re reading this and going to E3, good luck. This weekend and all of next week I’ll be covering any surprises and known titles that come out of any conferences so you can stay tuned for that. Road to E3 is about my hopes, dreams and thoughts on games that may or may not show up. Seeing as EA is first, why not start with EA.

EA officially confirmed these titles are coming to E3 2017:

  • FIFA 18
  • EA FIFA for Nintendo Switch
  • NBA Live 18
  • NBA Live Mobile
  • Need for Speed Payback
  • The Sims 4
  • The Sims Mobile
  • Star Wars: Battlefront II
  • Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes
  • Titanfall 2
  • Battlefield 1: In the name of Tsar

Let’s be real, for a lot of these titles we know what to expect so I have a few personal picks I’d like to talk about.

EA FIFA for Nintendo Switch


There’s a reason why EA’s been voted one of the worst companies to work for, for several years in a row. In my eyes, they’ve been doing all right these days although they’ve had a few missteps here and there. I personally don’t like their several sports titles but I know how much it means to tons of people. Here in the Caribbean if you ask anyone if they play games, they’ll either say they play CoD, GTA or more than likely FIFA. They don’t care if it’s the same game year in year out but I digress.  With that said, when EA and Nintendo announced Fifa would be coming to Nintendo Switch, I already had doubts and flashbacks to their “unprecedented partnership” during the Wii U dark ages. I kept hope that maybe this time EA wouldn’t be joshing us Nintendo fans a second time in a row.

The news came a few weeks ago that the title dubbed “EA FIFA for Nintendo Switch” wouldn’t be running their new engine which runs their games like Battlefield 1, Battlefront and their sports titles for the PS4, XBOX 1 and PC. When I heard that, I knew EA probably didn’t give a fuck same as 2012. People even speculated that it’s FIFA 2017 we are getting and it’s the PS3/360 version. Well recently, we got confirmation in a recent trailer that it is indeed FIFA 2018 and there are missing modes like the Journey Story Mode. However, it confirmed that FIFA 2018 and EA FIFA for the Nintendo Switch are two different games and the Switch version will be more in line with PS3/360.

Please EA, don’t make this mistake twice. Don’t half ass development of this FIFA game and when it doesn’t sell, throw in the white towel and say “Nintendo’s audience doesn’t buy these games”. Make the same effort that 2K is making with their NBA 2K18 version for Nintendo Switch.



I used to be a big Need for Speed fan but I feel like these games regressed as the years went on. The last great one for me was the original Need for Speed Most Wanted. The Underground series and the Hot Pursuit games are a close second. Need for Speed Payback got announced last week and to be honest I feel like they’ve learned nothing from their mistakes. I didn’t play Need for Speed (2015) but most people who did said that it was the worst Need for Speed they’ve ever played. I don’t know if it had anything to do with it requiring always online requirement and a myriad of other issues but it was clear EA shit the bed on this one.

The trailer looks great but if EA wants anyone to look forward to this one they need to incorporate features from some of those older titles. How did the games go from heavily customizing your sick exotic ride to just being able to drive stock and mundane cars you don’t even want to drive. I enjoyed racing and pooling enough cash to get that new ride. Yea, photorealistic graphics are cool and all but I like the little arcadey elements as well.

Here’s a bucket list of features Need for Speed Payback needs to succeed:

  • Must star the BMW M3 GTR
  • Must be able to customize every inch of your car from the onboard speakers, neon lights and sick custom tribal decals
  • Must be able to a nice overworld and multiple shortcuts to outsmart Police
  • Must have a bounty system

Of course, I’m trolling but they would be nice though.




This game released between two juggernauts, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and EA’s very own Battlefield 1. Sadly enough, it got overshadowed heavily. Which sucks since it sports of the best single player shooter campaigns easily. It is short, sweet and to the point. It gets you accustomed to the controls and the different weapons you’ll be shooting in its multiplayer mode. A criticism of the original Titanfall was that it needed a story mode but no one could deny it played great. I got Titanfall 2 for just $25 on Ebay and I do not regret any cent of it. For me, the flow of combat, the gunplay and the speed of everything makes for a really enjoyable experience. I didn’t play the original Titanfall so I don’t have the same complaints about the multiplayer that some do. For what I have now, I don’t see HOW you can complain.

The player base is still active and I have had no trouble finding a match. If you have spare $$$ and is into shooters, I highly suggest getting Titanfall 2. EA’s bringing it to this year’s E3 and hopefully they have some big announcement for it since I’ll love to see even more people get to experience this highly underrated gem from 2016.





Last but certainly not least, EA’s Star Wars Battlefront II. This is my most anticipated game from EA in 2017 and probably overall (Sorry Nintendo). I’m a huge Star Wars fan so naturally, when I finally got a PS4 in January I bought the original EA’s Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition. Countless videos on Youtube and articles on the internet couldn’t stop me from enjoying that game for what it really was. All I had to do was accept how much of a half-step it was. This is the main reason why Star Wars Battlefront 2 is my first ever preorder. Fam, I actually preordered this game and trusted my money with EA to provide a game that truly lives up to what Battlefront 1 was supposed to be in the first place.

I just want more heroes, more maps, larger maps, a class system, singleplayer content and just give me Rey. Look at the box art, she’s there. All I just listed were confirmed to be in the game and that’s all I needed to convince me to get that game no questions asked. If EA fucks this up, they’re never seeing another dime from me (unless there’s Titanfall 3 lol).


Honorable Mentions:

Bioware’s new IP

So rumors are saying Bioware’s new IP will be shown off. I know so little about that game I couldn’t comment on it. The only game from Bioware I’ve played is Dragon Age 2 and we all know how people feel about that one. After Mass Effect Andromeda people are probably cautious with Bioware now too. I guess we’ll see this weekend.




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