Megaman Legacy Collection 2 coming to PS4, XB1 and PC

Original Excerpt via Capcom Unity:

The legacy continues with Mega Man Legacy Collection 2! Bringing together four of the Blue Bomber’s adventures in one package with loads of bonus content and challenges, this collection spans the evolution – and retro revolution – of the classic side-scrolling series starting August 8th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC for $19.99 both digitally and at retail in North America!

Oddly enough,  it wasn’t announced for the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS. Many fans are left baffled by the omission going as far as to say, “No Nintendo Switch version, No buy”


People have speculated so far that the games may pop up later on Nintendo’s Virtual Console to which I say, fuck outta here. This just seems like a repeat of the Disney Afternoon Collection where a Nintendo Switch version was absent.noswitchnobuy2

In any case, I know that’s not how video game development works so I’m sure later on there will be announcements from Capcom and Nintendo. However, I can criticize Capcom from the outside looking in. They sure do some bizarre things.



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